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Vinebox Review: Is It Really Worthy Of Your Investment Or Not?

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Last Updated: June 10, 2024

If you feel like you're wasting so much time and energy trying to look for the best wines in supermarkets, then it's probably high time that you consider buying your wines online. 


Wine subscription services will keep you from going to local stores and minimize the long walk in the wine aisle while you scout for the best find.

Unlike purchasing in local retail stores, you are also free to buy any time if you're doing wine shopping online. Vinebox is one of the names you'll encounter if you try searching for the best wine delivery services online.

Not only do they help you in your decision-making process as you explore new wines, but they can also help in expanding your wine collection.

How Vinebox Works

Wine lovers opt more for online services like what Vinebox offers versus purchasing from local stores for the practicality and convenience it provides. The members can explore wine varieties before they commit to a bottle of choice. 

Quarterly, you will receive nine wines in vial-sized bottles instead of full-sized ones so you can enjoy a sample first before picking a whole bottle.

At Vinebox, you will not have the option to choose the wines you wish to receive so that you experience all the different flavors available. Once you sign up for a membership, you will get the exclusive privilege of receiving either a quarterly or a yearly credit. You may use all the credits you receive for purchasing full-sized bottles.

It is also effortless to access the wine recommendations they have for you and even manage your subscription. All you need to do is log in to the Membership Dashboard.

The Target Market

Vinebox services are ideal for inexperienced wine drinkers who would like to test different wines and see which one would meet their needs. Their consumers are mostly those who would like great flexibility to go with their subscription and those who seek the convenience of a home delivery service.

What makes Vinebox appealing to consumers is that they save them from asking around for blind recommendations.

You would appreciate how they will encourage you to explore premium wine options and be more adventurous with your palette before investing.

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All About The Vinebox Club Membership

Exclusive Membership Perks

You must be wondering if there's a Vinebox coupon that you can use, but currently, they don’t offer coupons or vouchers for their members. Sorry for breaking your heart. 😉 However, you will receive an SMS message upon signing up for membership. 

You may ask them for an excellent deal that you can use to maximize your subscription with them. A Vinebox representative will give you a promo code, which will be very useful when you check out your order. Here are some of the other noteworthy membership benefits from Vinebox:

  • Free Shipping: Home delivery is always free of charge at Vinebox.
  • Get First-Hand Access To New Wine Releases: As a member, you will receive an update for each time Vinebox releases a new wine collection.
  • Get Tasting Notes And Food Pairings With Your Wine: Each wine in your box has a mini note card that tells you more about your wine. It includes taste profiles, food pairings, wine production, and the wine region of origin.
  • Members Receive A Quarterly Credit Of $15 Or A $30 Credit Yearly: The club’s exclusive members get to earn quarterly or yearly credits, which they can apply for either a full-sized bottle purchase or the wines you enjoyed.
  • Purchasing Full-Sized Bottles: If you happen to enjoy a wine sample, you can buy its full-sized version. It is a privilege that is exclusive only to club members.

Vinebox Subscriptions

You can save about 10% on your purchase if you double your boxes, which means you will receive two of each box.

  • Quarterly: It is a recurring membership of $79 per box. It renews every three months until you cancel your subscription. So if you wish only to make a one-off purchase, don’t forget to revoke your membership right away.
  • Annual: It requires you to pay upfront for a full year of box supply, amounting to $288. By the end of your first prepaid year, you will start to receive a quarterly bill at a discounted rate of $72 per box.

How To Make An Order

  • You may join the Vinebox club from this page to get started.
  • Customize your subscription plan or order bottles individually from their wine collection.
  • Choose what wine you’d like to receive.
  • Add to cart and checkout your order.

The Wine Selection Process

Vinebox currently sources European wines from various vineyards and historical places in France, Spain, and Italy. Their team of experts utilizes a unique bottling process to maintain the wine’s flavor quality that could last up to three years. The wine is nothing like those in supermarkets or even those from a fancy liquor shop.

Shipping Cost And Schedule

The cost of delivery is on them, absolutely free of charge. You’ll know your estimated shipping date during checkout after you sign up for the first time. The schedule of shipment for club members is within five working days of the subscription renewal date.

The shipment contains an alcoholic beverage, so they require an adult to sign upon receiving the parcel. In any case that an adult signature is not possible at the time of delivery, you may pick up your shipment from either UPS or FedEx. Another option in the absence of an adult to receive the package is to schedule a home delivery to a friend’s address.

Please note that Vinebox can ship to all states except for the following and PO boxes too:

  • Alabama
  • Alaska
  • Arkansas
  • Delaware
  • Hawaii
  • Kentucky
  • Mississippi
  • New Hampshire
  • Rhode Island
  • South Dakota
  • Utah
  • Vermont

Unique Packaging

Your vials of wine are securely placed in a foam holder to ensure safety from any damage during shipment. Each of your wines will come with a card containing wine education like fun facts, the wine’s region, flavor, and a lot more. It will help you gain more knowledge about the wines you receive in every package and makes the overall experience a remarkable one.

Cancellation And Refund Policy

Your subscription is subject to automatic renewal unless you opt to cancel it before your next billing period. You may also update your membership information, like changing the shipping address or skipping a shipment. However, you cannot refund all prepaid subscriptions. 

What Vinebox Customers Have To Say

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If you check out Vinebox reviews, you would see how the customers love the convenience of having screwtop bottles, so a cork opener is no longer necessary. But what they love the most about Vinebox is how it provides them with an affordable and convenient way to try premium wines.

Their wines are also tasty and not some cheap ones. Furthermore, their sample size bottles allow you to be a sommelier by having the chance to taste a wide variety of wine assortments without breaking the bank. Let’s not forget too how consumers find it hard not to notice that stellar packaging Vinebox has. They say it also makes a perfect gift idea.

Vinebox Wines

While you don’t have the option to choose the wines you will get in your shipment; you may pick from one of these in their growing collection:

  • Usual Brut: Box of twelve glasses ($96 for a one-time purchase and $80 monthly)
  • The Quarterly Wine Club: A box of nine of the best wines of the season ($79 every three months)
  • 12 Nights of Wine (Gradient or Confetti): Twelve glasses of world-class red and white wines. ($129)
  • Winter Wine Tour: Taste of a beautiful selection of European wines, including seven red and two white wines. ($95)

Vinebox Alternatives 


Firstleaf is another online wine subscription service with a unique way of personalizing wine selections to recommend to their consumers. Their algorithm depends on consumer's preferences, which their experts determine through an online quiz. The user data is updated each time you provide a rating to connect the customers to wines they love accurately.

They would love to ensure that they connect their customers to wines they love, so the user data is updated each time you provide a rating.

They also offer a flexible shipment schedule, a wide variety of exceptional globally-sourced wines, and wine replacement if you get bottles you don't like in your shipment. Their services are suitable for casual wine drinkers who'd love to have the option of picking red, white, or mixed wines.

They have a complimentary offer of a $15 shipping fee when you order three bottles, and a six-bottle order will cost you a $79 shipping fee. After receiving the first cargo, you will have the option to choose whether you would want to receive your wines either monthly, bi-monthly, or every three months. The shipping cost is $90, which is about $15 per bottle after the introductory offer.

Plonk Wine Club

The Plonk wine club does the curating, unlike Splash Wines, which allows you to customize the wine variety that will be part of your box. Not only do they source high-quality, organically-produced wines worldwide, but their membership also comes with food pairing recommendations in their packages.

Considering that they opt for wine producers who don't use any additives or pesticides while growing the grapes, it makes this wine club a suitable choice for health-conscious consumers. They also have flexible subscription plans that allow you to customize your bottle count. Here are their subscription options:

  • Ongoing Monthly Plan: It costs $110 for four bottles that you will receive every month. It costs $160 for six bottles and $285 for twelve bottles. 

For the six-bottle option, you may choose to receive your shipment either monthly or every two months.

As for the twelve-bottle option, you may choose to receive it either monthly, every two months, or every three months.

  • Three-Month Plan: It costs $330 for four bottles, $480 for six bottles, and $855 for twelve bottles that you will receive monthly for three months.
  • Six-Month Plan: It costs $660 for four bottles, $960 for six bottles, and $1,710 for twelve bottles that you will receive monthly for six months.
  • Annual Plan:  It costs $1,320 for four bottles, $1,920 for six bottles, and $3,420 for twelve bottles that you will receive monthly for a year.


Winc is a wine club offering a vast collection of wine varietals based on the subscriber's preferences. They provide exceptional value by marketing their wines or those from independent wineries. 

Together with your subscription, you will have the option to rate the wines you receive. This data will help Winc’s wine experts personalize their recommendations to you.

Winc offers a monthly subscription of $48 that includes three bottles, but you can always add more. An order of three bottles or less has a shipping fee of $9, and shipping is free of charge when you order four bottles and more. The club’s services are excellent for those who wish to diversify their wine rotation.

Vinebox Pros And Cons Reviewed


  • It has a sophisticated yet straightforward packaging.
  • An excellent way to start with an online wine store and home delivery service if you’re a casual drinker.
  • Vinebox uses your previous purchases for their wine recommendations.
  • You have the option to skip a shipment.
  • Great for discovering new wines.


  • Full-sized bottles aren’t easily accessible.
  • They don’t have a dedicated toll-free number that you can call, just an email address and through their social media pages.
  • The amount of wine in their vial-sized bottles are a little too pricey.
  • You can’t choose what goes into your box.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vinebox Good Wine?

Yes, experts carefully handpick and source the wine at Vinebox. There's only about one percent out of the thousand wines they evaluated that get the chance to be part of your box. They aim that you receive nothing less than exceptional wine bottles in every shipment.

From What Location Does Vinebox Send Their Shipment?

While Vinebox sends their shipment from San Francisco, California, they import all of their wines from Europe.

How Many Ounces Are In A Vinebox?

Each of the nine vial-sized wine bottles in Vinebox weighs 3.3 ounces and a total of 29.7 ounces per box.

Final Thoughts

VineBox is a remarkable online wine subscription service, but for me, it's like having a handy wine expert within arm's reach if you need one. It works great for people who might be interested in trying out new wines every once in a while. 

Their services are beneficial for casual drinkers who find it impractical to purchase and get stuck with a full-sized bottle.

The sample sizes are suitable for exploring which flavors will suit your taste preferences, so when you like the ones you receive, you can now decide to purchase a whole bottle. Their wines go through a meticulous evaluation to ensure that only the finest ones are part of your box.

Remember that it is more than just the taste; moreover, it is the overall wine drinking experience that matters the most. So with all the helpful Vinebox review knowledge you now have, deciding on whether or not to go for a subscription will be less stressful and confusing for you.

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